Nabeelah Sadaf
CEO Consultant Clinical Psychologist Drug Addiction Therapist
DR Shams Haider
Founder The New Hope Clinical Director @ The New Inception
LT. COL . (R) Dr Nadeem Ahmed Bajwa (PSYCHIARIST)
MBBS, DPM (Psychiatry) F.C.P.S (Psychiatry)
Miss Zobia Mian
Psychologist / Therapist Director @ The New Inception CEO @ The Sun Rise Healing Rehab

Our Team

Ms Nigar Satti
Assistant Clinical Psychologist Family counslor
Mr Adnan
Miss Kausar
Female patient's Supervisor
Miss Maham
Female Patient's Attendant
Kashif Sherazi (Director)
Interventionist and Family Managment
Habib Ur Rehman(Director)
Mr Ansar
Accountant Manager

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