About a one year later, she told her elder sister that she is using ketamine injection. And she is unable to quit it. Family tried to talk to her, ground her, whatever they could do to prevent her from using – but her addiction had grabbed hold.

“I felt like I didn’t fit in the majority of the time,” she said. 

XYZ has weak relationships, not only with her family members, but with her husband and two sons. When she first started using pills, she saw them as a way to escape life. She got started early. 

Her elder sister and mother took her to TNI Rehabilitation to get help. XYZ ended up abusing depression and anxiety medication to feel different. 

Before marriage began taking pain medication. When opioid pills became hard to find, she switched to ketamine injection. As is typically the case, such illicit drug use lead to internment and ensuing divorce, and separation from children and family.

When she gets out from detoxification, she introduced herself to psychologist “I just wanted to die pretty much,” she said. “I didn’t want to live life. I guess I couldn’t handle things when they got tough.”

During 5 months indoor treatment she slowly come out of state, learning about her disease and learning about herself, it was not an easy journey towards recovery but with the help of 12 steps program, individual session and psychiatry treatment and family counselling sessions she recovered herself and maintaining recovery.

TNI REHAB was amazing,” she said. “It helped me out a lot. It saved my life. It helped me be the woman that I am today — helped me to be able to be a mother, a friend, a sister, a wife — all of those things. I’m able to have a relationship with my husband today and my family.

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