A single girl with single parent, required therapy at age 33 for treatment of depressed mood, chronic thoughts and having no social contact for many months. She had spent mostly of her time alone in home, lying in bed, crying spell.

She got married at the age of 30 but after one year she has been divorced because of her disease, after that she felt hurt and angry when her mother and aunt did not pay enough attention to her. She was the only child. She felt alone through her school years and had spells of feeling depressed. Within her family, she was known for angry outbursts.

“It was serious, for someone to be feeling depressed and aggressive,” she said.

After many outdoor psychiatry and psychological treatment, her mother and aunt took her to The New Inception Drug Addiction and Psychological Health Care Center (TNI).

 to get help. Family was very cooperative.

Initially, she was admitted for 90 days. Slowly, she started to improve with treatment. On the other side family was engaged in family counselling sessions where they learned about the disease recovery and management.

During treatment she says she doesn’t want to trust people but still wants to get better for her mother. Pervasive distrust and suspicion of others and her motives. She makes a perception of innocent remarks or nonthreatening situations as personal.

Through hard work at and consistent counseling, her life is changing. Support and accountability in therapy enabled her to learn and deal to regulate her moods and emotions.

After competed her 90 days treatment her emotions and thought are managing, she is coming for follow up session and also working on her life accepts. At the end she says” Thank you for providing the RAY OF HOPE

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